Code enforcement shuts nursery school crafts fair

From the only in Sierra Madre category, the Tattler reports that city Code enforcement officers shut down a nursery school crafts fair and book sale in a local park — the participants lacked a permit. (Read to the bottom of the blog entry for this item:

Sadly for both the moms and their kids, someone from City Hall sent over Code Enforcement Officer Lisa Volpe to shut all this down. The parents apparently were operating without a business permit. Something they had never been required to get before.

Lisa was nice about it all agreed. I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed by having to chase a bunch of nice families out of a park? Lisa was just doing what she was told to do. So the parents packed up their kids, books and crafts and went home.

One thought on “Code enforcement shuts nursery school crafts fair

  1. Typical of cities now out of money.
    I wonder if they will fine all the participants in the fourth of July parade
    for not having city licenses?

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