Code enforcement shuts nursery school crafts fair

From the only in Sierra Madre category, the Tattler reports that city Code enforcement officers shut down a nursery school crafts fair and book sale in a local park — the participants lacked a permit. (Read to the bottom of the blog entry for this item:

Sadly for both the moms and their kids, someone from City Hall sent over Code Enforcement Officer Lisa Volpe to shut all this down. The parents apparently were operating without a business permit. Something they had never been required to get before.

Lisa was nice about it all agreed. I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed by having to chase a bunch of nice families out of a park? Lisa was just doing what she was told to do. So the parents packed up their kids, books and crafts and went home.

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  • Canusay I needmoney

    Typical of cities now out of money.
    I wonder if they will fine all the participants in the fourth of July parade
    for not having city licenses?