Two suspected in Whittier stabbing

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WHITTIER — Police arrested two San Bernardino County men Thursday in connection with the stabbing of two men at a party over the weekend, authorities said.
Raymond Martinez, 28, of Rancho Cucamonga and Jonathan Moran, 27, of Highland were booked on suspicion of attempted murder, Whittier police Lt. Steve Dean said.
They were both arrested at their homes in connection with Sunday’s stabbing that left 34-year-old former State Assembly candidate Steve Sanchez of Indio and his friend, 34-year-old Gabriel Davalos of Whittier seriously wounded, police said.
The alleged attack took place about 1:15 a.m. Sunday in the 6200 block of Friends Avenue, Whittier police said in a written statement.
Martinez and Moran arrived to a party drunk and were asked to leave by Davalos, the owner of the home, police said.

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An argument erupted during which the suspects are accused of stabbing Sanchez and Davalos.
The wounded men were initially hospitalized in critical condition, but expected to survive, officials said.
Sanchez ran unsuccessfully for the 80th State Assembly District seat last November.

PHOTOS: Above: Raymond Martinez, 29, of Rancho Cucamonga; Below: Jonathan Moran, 27, of Highland (Courtesy of the Whittier Police Department)

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  • Timothy Moreno

    I know Jonathan Moran on a personal Level. He is like a brother to me. He is a good father to both his own daughter and step daughter. He isnt this guy that the news is making him out to be. but befoer anyone should pass judgement they should get the whole story like the parts the news is leaving out. like what exactly happen that night.

  • Iwittness

    Exactly, like how Mr. Martinez and Mr. Moran were not even invited to Mr. Davalos house and how Mr. Martinez was verbally attacking several people inside the house before they we asked to leave. And how Mr. Martinez slammed a drink into the wall inside the house right before they both were told to leave the house and the property. And instead of walking away once outside Mr. Moran decides to turn around and walk back up the porch to confront Mr. Davalos, the whole time with his knife hidden in his hand waiting for the proper moment to strike which of course was when Mr. Davalos had his back to Mr. Moran. That’s why the stab wound is in his back side. He may be a great father but he’s a punk who went to a party in whittier from highland that he wasn’t invited to by the home owners brought a knife with him and instead of getting his drunk and mouthy friend out of the house wanted to be a tuff guy instead!