Twin brothers found shot to death in Pomona

From City News Service:

POMONA — The bodies of 28-year-old twin brothers, who had both been shot in the upper body in a possible murder suicide, were found today in a Pomona parking lot.
Officers got a call of “two men down” about 8:30 a.m. and found the bodies in a lot in the rear of a business at 3201 W. Temple Ave., said Pomona police Sgt. Matt Stone.
The twins were identified late today as Roger Delgado Aguilar and Ricardo Delgado Aguilar, both of Pomona, said police Lt. Chuck Becker.
“At this point everything is tending to show it was a murder suicide,” Becker said. “A weapon was located at the scene.”
Becker said he could not elaborate, but said this was just what the investigation seemed to be “leading to.”

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  • Temple

    I doubt this story is correct as the bodies were found by staff at our company and the position of the bodies was like they were left there. Also a vehicle was seen parked there moments before the bodies were found. Someone left them there sadly.

  • John Galt

    Question…. At bottom of Crime Blog is ‘FBI Crime Stat Report’, why is 2007 the last year to click??, that was 3 years ago!, doesn’t the FBI know what happened in ’08-’09-’10?… waste of space.

  • alena

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