It’s Baldwin Park

In a pair of blog posts a few months ago I casually referred to Baldwin Park as Bolen Parque. It upset and angered plenty of people in Hub City of the San Gabriel Valley and for that I apologize.

Especially ticked off were those in city government who don’t want their town’s good name besmirched by association with gang monikers.
Okay. I get it. It won’t happen again.

As it was never my intent to offend the good people of Baldwin Park, those posts have been removed. 
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  • John Galt

    What was the name of the BPPD Chief of Police that “resigned” a few years back after it was discovered BP was not the safest city in the U.S.?, seems like the crime stats were undercooked. I remember huge banners hung in the city for a couple days. Ck SGVN archives

  • That’s community pride.

    Great of you to remove the offending blog post.

  • rAn

    Wait, a couple of months ago? Why all of a sudden is this now an issue? I remember reading those posts too, and I remember chuckling a little when I saw “Bolen Parque” as I didn’t know what it meant. I do now though.

  • Free thinker

    people get upset for the silliest things. i come from pico rivera where people call it tweeko-rivegra…whittier – shittier…norwalk – poorblock…its just a town you live in. i guess its like religion and politics now…SMH i can never understand the simple minds of some people to be offended of such ridiculous things…you can basically talk down on them before their religion or city

  • Dave

    Even if you remove offending the blog posts, Baldwin Park is still a ghetto slum with gang problems. I wonder if the city actually being gang infested offennds the city officials?

  • Wow! That’s a really neat awensr!

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