“Clark Rockefeller” to be charged in San Marino murder mystery

This from City News Service, via the Los Angeles County DA’s Office:

LOS ANGELES — A man who allegedly posed as a member of the Rockefeller
family was charged today with the 1985 murder of a San Marino man whose
body was discovered nearly a decade later.
Prosecutors are seeking the extradition Christian K. Gerhartsreiter, a 50-year-old
German national, who is serving a prison sentence in Massachusetts for kidnapping.
Press Release: Jane Robinson:  “A con man who crisscrossed the country under assumed identities including posing as a Rockefeller was charged today with the 1985 murder of a San Marino man whose body was discovered a decade later.
Christian K. Gerhartstreiter, 50, a German national better known as Clark Rockefeller was charged with the Feb 1985 murder of JHohn Sohus. Deputy DA Habib A. Balian with major crimes filed a felony complaint in Alhambra Superior Court seeking the defendant’s arrest and extradition from Massachusetts. 
John Sohus, 27, was last seen in early 1985 shortly after his disappearance a man calling himself Christopher also vanished, Investigators later identified Christopher Chichester as Gerhartsreiter.
 In May 1994 a body was discovered buried behind the Sohus home on Lorain Road. The remains were later identified as John Sohus. An investigation determined he was killed by Blunt Force Trauma to the head. The case was filed Tuesday in Alhambra Superior Court. Detectives are seeking $10 million bail. 

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