Sheriff’s department silent on Pasadena deputy involved shooting

PASADENA — Officials released no information Sunday about the circumstances of a deputy-involved shooting early Saturday in unincorporated Pasadena.
In a written statement, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials released only that a sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded two white men just before 1 a.m. in the 200 block of South Rosemead Avenue.
The sheriff’s statement listed the wounded men, who were expected to survive, as suspects.
Officials at the sheriff’s Temple Station said the wounded men had been arrested, but declined to release their names or what crimes they’re suspected of.
All questions were deferred to the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, however none of the handling detectives could be reached for comment.
Sheriff’s officials also would not comment on reports that the involved deputy was off-duty at the time of the shooting.
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1 thought on “Sheriff’s department silent on Pasadena deputy involved shooting

  1. I want to know why they are not releasing any information about this, seems to me that one would only keep things covered up when there is something to cover up. And why are questions being referred to the HOMICIDE department if the victims are expected to recover? My friend is in the hospital, shot 2 to 4 times, we don’t know because they won’t tell us. They won’t let his family see him or talk to him, they won’t tell them anything. The only gun was the one the off-duty cop had, and apparently he was only 23 years old, yet my friend and his friends are suspects and they are not releasing any info? Come on, folks, what is really going on here? Cops are people too, why is it that this OFF-DUTY copy is automatically deemed innocent? Please, Star News, investigate this further, something is wrong here.

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