Car collides with horse, rider; horse killed, rider injured

GLENDORA — A car collided with a horse and rider Wednesday, killing the horse and sending the rider to the hospital, authorities said.
The incident took place about 4:35 p.m. at Glendora Mountain Road and Big Dalton Road, in an equestrian area on the northern edge of town, Glendora police Lt. Joe Ward said.
Two horses with riders were travelling southbound in the shoulder of Glendora Mountain Road when a Lexus sedan, which was also southbound on Glendora Mountain Road, veered toward the shoulder, the lieutenant said.
“The vehicle struck one of the horses, killing the horse instantly and throwing the rider off,” Ward said.
The rider, a 54-year-old Glendora man, was taken to a trauma center by helicopter as precaution, he said, though his injuries were not initially believed to be life-threatening.
The other horse and rider were not injured, police said.
The Lexus was being driven by a 17-year-old Valinda boy, Ward said. He had several passengers in the car.
The cause of the crash remained under investigation, though officers examined the driver and ruled out driving under the influence, he said.
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  • Anonymous

    Kids are going to be kids – in regards to drugs, drinking, and speeding. A lot of adults did the same things. Some kids make it and become adults and the other kids don’t survive. So why should we give the kids the temptation. With regards to the accident involving the rider and Sadie (your lucky it was not my horse and myself – I would get revenge), if it was not for SADIE the gentleman would have been hit head on and killed. SADIE is and will always be the gentlemens GUARDING ANGEL. Back to the sad story that COULD HAVE been avoided, more people need to get out of the vehicles and exercise (walking, running, hiking, bicycles, and for a horseback ride). Get fresh air. I believe this would also cut down on violence BECAUSE THE YOUTH HAVE BECOME LAZY. The days before youth would work , help out and even BREAK A SWEAT. We were all to tired to get into serious mischief. The state needs to close the road to all vehicles and deter ALL from using the road – unles they want to experience it from one of the ways I stated earlier ( walking, running, hiking , bicycles, and for a horseback ride). If people don’t like the new method (which is actually a old method by using physical energy) they can find another place. GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTOCKS AND ENJOY LIFE AGAIN – BREATH THE FRESH AIR – USE YOUR PHYSICAL ENERGY TO GET UP THE HILL TO ENJOY THE VIEW (because you made it happen – not a vehicle that took you there). We need to keep and we MUST have some roads / mountains that we can enjoy the good old fashion way. TO THE GENTLEMEN AND HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL SADIE YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS – THE HORSE COMMUNITY AND EVERYONE WHO STILL ENJOYS THE GOOD OUT-DOORS. NAMASTE