LADOT officers accused of taking part in porno while on-duty

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation issued the following statement Sunday, on the heels of a television news report including footage of two LADOT employees apparently taking part in a pornographic film while in uniform and duty.  In the video, (sorry, you’ll have to look elsewhere for footage) the LADOT officers are seen spanking, being spanked by and fondling an adult film actress, as well as allowing her to perform sexual acts on herself inside their city vehicle.

DOT Announces Full Investigation of
Inappropriate Behavior


Los Angeles, (May 1, 
– The City of Los Angeles Department
of Transportation (LADOT) launched a full investigation on Thursday, April 28,
2011, allegedly involving two on-duty traffic officers, for inappropriate
behavior following a television station providing a video of two uniformed
officers appearing in an adult video. 
Amir Sedadi, LADOT Interim General Manager, issued the following
statement today:

 “Photos of what appeared to be LADOT
officers engaged in misconduct were provided anonymously to the Los Angeles
Police Department (LAPD) and forwarded to our offices earlier this year.  The still photos contained blurred faces and
did not contain any identifiable information regarding the individuals, or the
source of the photos. In fact, the photos contained faces and vehicle numbers
that were all completely blurred beyond recognition and therefore prior to viewing
a video from KNBC-TV, we were not aware of the fact that a video existed. 

After the assessment of the still
photos was conducted, while we were unable to positively identify any
individual employee, we reminded all of our traffic officers in writing about
their obligation to conduct themselves in a manner that earns and maintains the
trust, respect and confidence of those with whom we serve.  We expect our employees to conduct themselves
in a manner which will bring credit to themselves and to the Department.  Because LADOT Traffic Officers are one of the
most conspicuous representatives of City government, we expect our employees to
avoid becoming engaged in conduct which is not only inappropriate, but also
puts them in a position of compromise.

A full investigation was launched after
the video of the incident was provided by KNBC-TV this past week.  After we were provided the names of the
individuals allegedly involved in the misconduct, both employees were immediately
placed on administrative leave.  
Because we take the incident so seriously, and in order to ensure that
the investigation is done thoroughly, a request was made and granted for the
Los Angeles Police Department, City Attorney, and Personnel Department to
assist in the investigation and provide recommendations. The investigation is
designed to seek the truth and establish all the circumstances involved in this
very serious incident. 

I want to make it clear; LADOT
does not condone or tolerate unacceptable or inappropriate behavior from any of
our employees.  The allegations involving
two individuals in no way should be taken as representative of the nearly 600
professional Traffic Officers in the Department. 

While I am not able to release the
names of the individuals involved due to personnel rules and legal statutes, I
can assure everyone that once the investigation is completed, and if the
allegations of inappropriate behavior are sustained, swift and appropriate
disciplinary action will occur.  Finally, I want to thank KNBC-TV for providing
us the information that is allowing this investigation to proceed and I pledge
that we will complete the detailed review of this incident in a timely manner.”

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