Woman beaten on Whittier’s Greenway Trail; 3rd violent crime reported on trail in past month

WHITTIER — A 19-year old woman was attacked and badly beaten by a group of men while riding her bicycle late Wednesday on the Greenway Trail, authorities said.
The unprovoked attack took place about 10:30 p.m. on the trail between Painter and Greenleaf avenues, Whittier police officials said in a written statement.
She approached three or four male suspects described only as wearing dark clothing, police said. 
“As they passed each other on the trail, the males pushed her off her bike and began to punch and possibly kick her in the face and body while on the ground,” according to the statement.
The attackers fled when witnesses noticed the commotion and came to the victim’s aid.
The young woman was knocked out during the assault, officials said, but she had regained consciousness by the time police arrived.
She suffered “multiple injuries to her face, teeth, elbows and hands,” and was hospitalized for treatment, according to the statement.
Nothing was stolen from the woman during the attack, and no motive was known.
Wednesday’s attack marked the third violent crime reported on the Greenway Trail over the past month.
A man fought off an attacker who tried to steal his bicycle on the Greenway Trail near Five Points on June 13, police said. 
Police arrested a 16-year-old suspect June 4 after he allegedly grabbed a 55-year-old man in a bear hug, then demanded money before fleeing empty-handed.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Whittier Police Department Investigations Division at 562-567-9267.
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9 thoughts on “Woman beaten on Whittier’s Greenway Trail; 3rd violent crime reported on trail in past month

  1. Unfortunately, it appears the police didn’t have much information to work with immediately after the incident. The only description police provided was three to four males wearing dark clothing. While the detectives continue working the case, no further information was released Thursday. We’ll keep watch to see if there are any arrests, or any other information becomes available about this crime.

  2. since its the third crime this month, wouldnt you believe that they should put lights or a camera up knowing my friend was just attacked?

  3. knowing my friend was attacked and was the third victim this month wouldnt you believe they should put lights on the trail

  4. I live down the street from this bike trail, and I run this trail daily. Im terrified for my life, being that Im a 19 yr old yound lady just as this girl was. I now have to find a new running route! This is ridiculous! The city should put lights up without any type of hesitations, seeing how this is the 3rd attack this month?? I don’t understand why nothing has yet to be done! I know this girl that got attacked, she is now physically, and mentally beat & bruised. How is she going to pass by this trail without being scared to death?? She even moved out of her own house! If they did this to a regular girl just like me, imagine what else these men are capable of doing!!! Something has to be done!

  5. police should do a sting under cover operation and catch these low lifes

  6. This type of crime could happen on any of the streets in Whittier. We cannot allow ourselves to be scared off by these cowards. I ride my bike and run the green way trail of other day but I chose early morning hours and early evening hours. I would recommend for anyone wanting to workout past sun down (i.e. 10:30PM) should think about going to the gym. I think the green way trail should have the same policies as our local parks…..i.e. park closing hours …..

  7. The hell with whittier PD, let set up our own sting operation. Police, judge, jury and executioner all pack into one event!
    If they want to take advantage of free, peace loving people, let them try, but at great risk of their own lives!

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