Police urge caution after ‘hot prowl’ burglaries in Arcadia

ARCADIA — Two reports of an intruder breaking in or trying to break in to occupied homes in Arcadia this week have police reminding residents to lock their doors and windows at night.
“Although in different areas of the city, these crimes and suspect descriptions are similar,” Arcadia police Sgt. Tom Le Veque said in a written statement. “In both crimes, the suspect appears to be looking for a crime of opportunity, targeting unlocked residential doors.”
A woman was asleep at her home in the 100 block of Diamond Street about 4:50 a.m. Tuesday when she awoke to find a man with a flashlight inside her bedroom, police said.
The man grabbed the woman’s purse and fled, Le Veque said. Two teenage children were inside the home with the woman, but no one was hurt.
Police described the intruder as a white man, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, wearing a white T-shirt and basketball shorts.
“Officers found that the suspect had entered the residential unit through an unlocked front door,” Le Veque said.
A man living in the 600 block of West Walnut Avenue was awakened about 11 p.m. Thursday to hear someone trying to open his front door, officials said. Moments later, the intruder began trying to open a side door.
“The resident turned on the porch light and was able to see the suspect on the porch,” Le Veque said. “The suspect shined a flashlight in the face of the resident and then fled off the property, never making entry into the location.”
Police described the suspect in the Walnut Avenue incident as a white man in his 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, 150 pounds and wearing a red shirt.
Le Veque urged caution and reminded residents to lock doors and windows at night to avoid become victims of opportunistic criminals.
“Please remember to check your home before going to bed. Close and lock your doors and windows, and set your alarm, if you have one installed at your home,” he said.
“Many times, thieves will target homes and vehicles that have been left unlocked or open. Take the time to help prevent this type of crime before it happens. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call the police right away.”
Anyone with information is asked to call Arcadia police at 626-574-5150.
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