Woman’s car windshield shot out with BB gun on Fair Oaks Ave. in South Pasadena

SOUTH PASADENA — A woman had a terrifying ride on Fair Oaks Avenue late Thursday after someone shot out her windshield with what was later determined to be a BB gun, authorities said.
The woman, a 56-year-old Los Angeles resident, was driving her Honda Accord in the 400 block of Fair Oaks when she heard what she thought was a gunshot and her windshield shattered, South Pasadena police Sgt. Brian Solinsky said.
She pulled over and called the police, the sergeant said. “She thought she’d been shot. She was terrified.”
Investigating officers discovered a BB mixed in with the shattered glass of the windshield, Solinsky said, and also noted that a nearby street sign also showed dents from being shot with a BB gun.
Officials believed the BB was fired from a nearby apartment complex, he said. The investigation was ongoing.

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  • Its unfortunate how someone actually shot BBs into a woman’s car windshield. Hopefully the authorities can resolve this.

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