La Habra baby allegedly thrown from parking structure dies

A 7-month-old La Habra boy allegedly thrown from a fourth-floor parking structure by his mother earlier this week died Wednesday, officials.
Noe Medina Jr. died at the the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, where he was being treated for major injuries he suffered in Monday’s incident at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange, Orange police Sgt. Dan Adams said.
His mother, 31-year-old Sonia Hermosillo of La Habra, had been charged earlier in the day in Orange County Superior Court with attempted murder and child abuse causing great bodily injury, Deputy District Attorney Scott Simmons said.
Following news of the baby’s death, prosecutors amended the charges against Hermosillo.
“We’ll allege murder, of course,” he said, along with a charge of child abuse resulting in death.
Hermosillo was charged Wednesday in the Central Jail court, and was ordered to return to court Thursday for arraignment, officials said.
Hermosillo is accused of driving with her infant son to the fourth floor of a parking structure at CHOC about 6:20 p.m. Monday, Orange police and Orange County District Attorney’s officials said.
The infant suffered from medical conditions that required him to be treated at CHOC on a regular basis, though he was not scheduled for an appointment that day.
“Hermosillo is accused of removing the victim’s helmet and pushing her baby from the parking structure with the intention of murdering him with the four-story fall,” District Attorney’s officials said in a written statement.
Immediately after, “Hermosillo is accused of walking inside the hospital, validating her parking and fleeing the scene.”
The baby was rushed to a trauma center at UC Irvine Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition until Wednesday, when he succumbed to his injuries, Orange police Sgt. Dan Adams said.
Orange police arrested Hermosillo about four hours after the incident when she was spotted by police, who were still investigating the scene, driving past the hospital. Her car was captured on surveillance cameras at the parking structure around the time of the incident.
Meanwhile, the woman’s husband and father to the infant, Noe Medina, had called La Habra police to report them missing, officials said.
Medina told the Orange County Register that his wife had been treated for postpartum depression in June, and that his son suffered from plagiocephaly, commonly known as flat-head syndrome, as well as congenital muscular torticollis, which causes his head to twist to one side.
“She didn’t look at our son as normal,” he told the newspaper. “She didn’t accept him. She didn’t accept that he was like this.”
Through physical therapy, the baby had been showing improvement, Medina said. Hermosillo, too, also seemed to be doing better in recent weeks, and he, “began to trust her.”
Hermosillo and Medina have two other children, though their ages were not available.
Hermosillo was being held without bail due to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold, officials said. Such holds are generally placed on suspects who are not in the country legally.
— The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • That is so sad. Sounds like the mother should of have been getting more help for her problems and not been left alone with the child.