#BreakingBad season 4 finale: “Face Off”


Don’t read past the jump if you haven’t seen it yet.


The title of the episode said it all, “Face Off.”

Has there ever been a more gruesome shot on television than the final look at Pollos Hermanos CEO Gus Fring with half his face missing? Yet, he still managed to adjust his tie before dying.

Here’s a couple of interesting links detailing just how Season Four ended:  

AMC’s Breaking Bad blog starts off recalling to mind Walt White’s last statement: “I won.”

But did he? I mean he nearly killed an elderly neighbor, nearly killed an innocent kid and put a bunch of innocent laundry employees out of work. Meanwhile his family is still at risk and believe me Mike (Gus Fring’s wet work guy) is coming back.

Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy Blog sums up season four with this:

For the first time, we see the real enemy and it is Walt. It is going to be an agonizing wait to see how the last season’s endgame will play out. But what a heck of a fourth season…can I get a witness or two??

Then there’s Slate’s take:

I wonder if we haven’t been giving Walt enough credit. For once, a plot that he masterminded went down precisely as he planned it. He cleaned up after himself, getting rid of the meth lab and walking away from the scene with a determined expression. He can walk away from the drug dealing life now–but I don’t believe he will, not for a second.

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