Man wounded in West Valinda shooting

WEST VALINDA — A pedestrian ended up with a gunshot wound to the knee when a driver of a passing vehicle fired a round at him and his friend Tuesday night.
The driver asked the two 18-year-olds where they were from — a common gang challenge — before he shot at them, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Ernie Barbosa.
The shooting was reported at 11:42 p.m. on Giordano Street near California Avenue which is in the unincorporated county area.
Barbosa said the West Valinda men were walking west on Giordano Street approaching California Avenue when they saw a black truck or sport utility vehicle heading east.
At about the time the vehicle crossed the intersection, Barbosa said the driver pointed a gun at the two men, asked where they were from and fired. The round hit one of the men in the left knee.
The vehicle had two occupants, described only as Latinos.
The wounded man and his companion ran in different directions.
Deputies who were parked north of the location heard the shot. Barbosa said the deputies started driving to where they heard the sound when the call came in about a possible shooting at Giordano Street.
He said a group flagged down the deputies and pointed out the victim who was lying on the street.
The other pedestrian later returned.
“The victim and the witness were very uncooperative. Initially they did not tell deputies what happened,” Barbosa said.
Deputies later got some details about the shooting from the two. 
– Ruby Gonzales
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