Toddler helps catch car theft suspect in Covina

COVINA — A wanted parolee ran out of luck Wednesday.

After parking a stolen vehicle, he spotted an officer and fled which led police to check the car’s license plate. He tried to elude capture but a 2-year-old boy pointed out his hiding place to officers.
Covina police Sgt. Trevor Gaumer said the toddler told police “Uncle Ian” was in the attic.
Officers already had their eye on the attic area of the apartment in the 300 block of Vecino Drive when the little tipster verified their suspicions.
Ian McGaughe, 28, of Covina was arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto, evading police, possession of drug paraphernalia (a syringe) and driving on a suspended license.
He is also a parolee-at-large, Gaumer said.
McGaughe is being held at Covina jail without bail since he is a parolee.
He reportedly drew the attention of police about 9:30 p.m. in the 300 block of Vecino Drive.
“He parks the car, gets out, sees an officer and runs,” Gaumer said.
The officer ran the license plate and found out the 2002 Toyota Camry was stolen two days ago while its owner was delivering Chinese food in Monrovia.
Police closed off the area. Gaumer said officers noticed a lot of people were out and about at a particular apartment.
They found their quarry there.
– Ruby Gonzales
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