Detective: Law enforcement needs to know how to recognize, use female gang members

DOWNEY – Don’t mess with the Hello Kitty Mafia.

That was just one of the female gangs discussed Friday at the third annual Symposium on Street Gangs and School Safety by the Los Angeles County Department of Education.

Santa Ana police Detective Ramona Ruiz said every gang has female members and associates.

Educators and police should know how to recognize female gang members – and how to use them.

Females make the best informants of all,” she said. “We know all and see all.”

Gang members confide in their girlfriends, sisters and mothers, Ruiz said.

And, in Ruiz’s experience, jealous girlfriends aren’t above squealing on their gang-member boyfriends, she said to a crowd of more than 200 educators and police at the Los Angeles County Office of Education building in Downey.


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