Three teens suspected in Azusa vandalism

AZUSA — Police arrested three teens late Saturday on suspicion of scrawling graffiti on a car.
A resident called police about 9:10 p.m. to report seeing to teens tagging on a parked car in the 400 block of West Crescent Drive, according to Azusa police Sgt. DeWayne Eldridge.
The juveniles had fled the area when police arrived, but officers detained them nearby, Eldridge said. They were ultimately arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism.
Under a new city program that began in January, the person who reported the graffiti was issued a $100 reward shortly after the arrest, police said.
“The program offers a $100 instant cash reward for anyone who reports a graffiti/tagging incident which leads to an arrest,” Eldridge said in a written statement.
In addition to taking a “zero-tolerance” stance toward graffiti vandalism in Azusa, the city seeks restitution from convicted vandals and their parents to pay for the damage.
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