Pasadena judge admonished TV cameraman following hearing

PASADENA — A television camera man roused the ire of a judge at a high-profile hearing Friday when he broke court rules by filming the courtoom audience, according to the judge.
During a hearing to follow up on the recently-overturned murder conviction of a Glendora man, Pasadena Superior Court Judge Suzette Clover admonished a cameraman from NBC television, saying he had already been instructed not to shoot video of the audience.
She did not hold the cameraman in contempt of court, but ordered him to return to court Monday for a contempt of court hearing.
While news cameras often make their way into courtrooms, court officials have established strict rules governing when and how media camera may operate. News agencies must get prior approval from a judge before operating a camera inside a courtroom, and must abide by any restrictions the presiding judge imposes.
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