DUI suspected following Baldwin Park crash

BALDWIN PARK – A 26-year-old unlicensed driver sustained minor injuries when his sport utility vehicle struck one vehicle, hit a parked car then rolled over.
At one point, the black Chevrolet Blazer was seen heading the wrong way on a street. Police suspect speeding and drinking contributed to the crash.
Baldwin Park police Sgt. Chris Kuberry said the Chevrolet Blazer ended up on its side and lying near it was an empty champagne bottle.
It began at 11:06 p.m. with a call to police about a vehicle driving the wrong way on Frazier Street.
Kuberry said within minutes, the Blazer clipped a car at Frazier Street and Francisquito Avenue. The occupants of the car weren’t injured, he added.
The SUV continued northbound on Harland Avenue. It crashed into a parked car on Harlan Avenue and Morgan Street then rolled over, according to Kuberry.
He said the Baldwin Park man driving the Blazer sustained cuts, abrasions and complained of pain. The man was taken to a local hospital.
– Ruby Gonzales
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