Updated: Family of Rowland Heights rape suspect helps deputies make arrest

ROWLAND HEIGHTS — Deputies arrested a man with the help of his family on suspicion of raping a young woman at a Rowland Heights park Saturday, authorities said.
Joey Vasquez, 21, who claimed residency in Baldwin Park, was arrested just after 4 p.m. Saturday in a residential neighborhood near Carolyn Rosas Park in the 18400 block of Farjardo Street, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Greg Stegner said.
A four-hour manhunt came to a conclusion after Vasquez was ultimately chased down, captured and turned over to deputies by his uncle, the deputy said.
Vasquez is suspected of the early-morning rape of a young woman at Gloria Heer Park, at Galatina and Gallineta streets, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Angie Wilkinson said.
A woman in her 20s was at the park with an acquaintance and another man she did not know prior to being attacked, the sergeant said.
After the woman’s acquaintance left, leaving her alone with the other man, he sexually assaulted her, Wilkinson said.
The attack was reported to authorities, who began searching for the suspect.
Deputies contacted the suspect’s family Saturday and they directed him to Gloria Heer Park, where they spotted Vasquez, Stegner said. Vasquez ran from the deputies, who responded by setting up a search perimeter in the area.
During the search, the deputy said, Vasquez called his uncle and asked the relative to pick him up.
The uncle complied, but after taking Vasquez back to his home, he told Vasquez to turn himself in and the suspect again ran.
Family members called deputies to report where Vasquez was while the uncle chased after him, grabbed hold of him and handed him over to deputies who were arriving in the area, Stegner said.
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