Corruption case wiretap details sex, drugs and other scams in tiny town of Cudahy

I like to call the region surrounding the 710 Freeway “The Corruption Corridor.”

Towns in the region include Montebello, Bell, Southgate, Mayhwood, Huntington Park, Bell Gardens and Vernon.
Then there’s tiny Cudahy. Never been there? Well that’s probably because you weren’t looking for  prostitutes, marijuana or trying to scam customer of your tow company.
The FBI on Friday announced a corruption probe into three member of the Cudahy City Council. All were accused of taking bribes in exchange for approving the establishment of a Medical marijuana dispensary. A lot of the dirt is in a affidavit filed in support of the case. Take a look.  Here’s a link. It’s great reading and a fascinating window into public corruption in Los Angeles County:
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