UPDATED: ‘Unknown white substance’ prompts hazmat response in Arcadia

ARCADIA — A mysterious white substance appeared on desktops at an office building overnight, prompting hazardous materials crews to investigate before declaring the scene safe, officials said.
The incident was first reported about 9:15 a.m. at a building housing several businesses in the 600 West Naomi Avenue, Arcadia police and fire officials said. Department spokeswoman Beth Stogner said.
Employees found an “unknown white substance” on desktops in three offices in the building, Arcadia Fire Department spokeswoman Beth Stogner said.
“It appeared sometime after closing last night,” Stogner said.
No one reported feeling ill as a result of the substance, however hazardous materials crews from the Burbank and Glendale fire departments were summoned to investigate.
Police had been looking into reports of threats against the office due to recent litigation, officials said. No further information about the possible threats was available.
Hazardous material teams wearing white suits removed plastic bags from the office and determined there were no hazardous material present around 1 p.m., Arcadia police Lt. Roy Nakamura said.
“Seven persons were exposed to the substance, which was identified as potash bentonite, but exhibited no adverse reactions,” Arcadia Fire Department officials said in a written statement.
Because it appeared someone had broken into the building in order to leave the power behind, police were investigating the incident as a burglary, he said.
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