Glendora man suspected of painkiller robbery

GLENDORA — A man robbed a pharmacy of six bottles of painkillers Friday but was arrested quickly after an employee held up a “Call 9-1-1” sign at the drive-thru window.

Glendora police Lt. Jamie Caldwell said a customer waiting for a prescription at the drive-thru saw the sign.
The robbery at Walgreens, 550 S. Grand Ave., was reported at 7:15 p.m. Caldwell said a man entered the store, jumped over the counter and pulled out what employees thought was pepper spray. He said the man demanded OxyContin.
One employee wrote, “Call 9-1-1” on a piece of paper and held it out for the driver at the drive-thru window to see, according to Caldwell.
“The driver nods and calls us,” he said.
Officers who were across the street on an unrelated incident got the call about the robbery.
“They see a guy come out wearing a zipped up sweatshirt in 85 degree (weather) with bottles bulging out of the pockets,” Caldwell said.
Officers stopped the man and later arrested him.
He allegedly told police he ran out of insurance, was out of medication and was desperate. Police didn’t buy the story.
Caldwell said the man also told officers he’d been addicted for 20 years. The suspect didn’t have pepper spray.
“He had a small black flashlight,” the lieutenant said.
Caldwell said Donald Prestwood, 50, of Glendora was arrested on suspicion of robbery. Prestwood was being held at Glendora jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.
– Ruby Gonzales
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