Failed South Pasadena burglar caught on surveillance video


SOUTH PASADENA – A would-be burglar was caught on tape trying to smash through a window of an office building early Friday, police said.

The failed break-in took place shortly before 6 a.m. at a multi-unit office complex at 99 Pasadena Avenue.

The man is first pictured in the footage “casing” the building, before returning about five minutes later, putting on a glove and throwing a rock at a window, Sgt. Tony Abdalla said.

“The rock smashed the exterior pane of the double pane window, but not the interior pane,” police said in a written statement. “The suspect then ran back to his vehicle and fled.

“The suspect again returned about 10 minutes later and attempted to kick out the interior pane of the window, but was unsuccessful,” according to the statement. “After failing in his second attempt to break into the office, he again fled the location in his vehicle.”

Anyone with information was asked to contact South Pasadena Police Detectives at 626-403-7270.

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