Gas tank explosion causes 60 Freeway in Industry to close

AVOCADO HEIGHTS – An explosion that sent compressed gas cylinders raining onto a neighborhood Monday led to the evacuation of residents and the two-hour closure of the eastbound 60 Freeway.

The explosion occurred about 11:30 a.m. on Cambray Drive, in a small neighborhood near the interchange of the 60 and 605 freeways. No one was injured.

The explosion, which was caused by the failure of a 50-gallon compressed carbon dioxide tank, flattened the bed

of the pickup truck carrying it and flung 18 other cylinders into neighboring yards. The cylinders are commonly used to carbonate soda in restaurant soft-drink machines.

“Those cylinders have been kicked around this neighborhood,” said Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Tony Imbrenda. “The truck was pretty well demolished.”

…FULL STORY – J.D. Velasco

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