UPDATE: Wiring stolen from Glendora park again

GLENDORA – For the third time this year, the lights at the Louie Pompei Memorial Sports Park have been targeted in a copper theft, police said.
Wiring from both parking and sports field lights were discovered stolen from the park, 1100 S. Valley Center Avenue early Thursday, Glendora police Lt. Rob Lamborghini said. The theft was believed to have occurred overnight.
The theft was first reported about 7:45 a.m., he said.
Taken was the wiring from three light standards in the parking lot, as well as nine from the athletic field, he said.
Due to the amount of work involved in stealing the wiring, “We believe it was more than one suspect,” Lamborghini said.
Thursday was the third time this year lights at Louis Pompei Memorial Sports Park have become the targets of metal thieves.
Wiring to lights at the same park were previously stolen on Jan. 17 and 30, officials said.
Christopher Girard, a then-27-year-old transient, was arrested the day after the second January theft, officials said.
He was charged with stealing the copper wiring as well as felony vandalism, but pleaded guilty Feb. 3 to only the vandalism charge, Glendora police Lt. Brian Summers said.
Girard received a suspended prison sentence of three years and placed on felony probation for three years, Summers added.
A second man initially arrested in connection with the January copper thefts was ultimately released without charges.
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