Arcadia police fields new bike patrols during Breeders’ Cup

ARCADIA — In the bustle of the Breeders’ Cup races held at Santa Anita Park over the weekend, Arcadia police fielded their new bicycle patrols for the first time Friday, officials said.
The new unit, however, will continue working in the city long after the races are over, Arcadia police Lt. Tom LeVeque said in a written statement.
“The unit development was spearheaded by two of our detectives who have an interest in mountain biking and cycling,” LeVeque said.
Officers will use four new, fully-outfitted police bikes in support of normal police patrols.
Bicycles help make officers more approachable and maneuverable, especially in densely populated areas such as during special event, according to LeVeque.
“The bikes are nearly silent in operation and many criminals do not realize that an approaching person on a bike is actually a police officer,” he added. “Furthermore, if the criminal attempts to flee on foot, the riding police officer has a speed advantage while able to quickly dismount if necessary.”
Thanks to private donations and help from Helen’s Cycles and Rusnak Mercedes-Benz, LeVeque said, “The cost to begin the program was minimal.”

PHOTO of Arcadia police officers T. Hernandez and S. Turner pose for a photo with two of the Arcadia Police Department’s new patrol bicycles. (courtesy of the Arcadia Police Department)

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