Car stolen from off-duty police officer in Monrovia recovered in El Monte, but gun and badge still missing

A car stolen from the Monrovia home of a reserve police officer was found abandoned and burned in El Monte early Thursday, however a gun, badge, police uniforms and other items that had been inside it remained missing, authorities said.
The car was stolen about 7:50 a.m. Wednesday from the 200 block of Los Angeles Street in Monrovia, Monrovia police Sgt. Nick Manfredi said.
A reserve officer from the San Fernando Police Department left his white Honda Accord running and was in the process of loading the car with items when the theft occurred, according to El Monte and Monrovia police.
“He was going from his home back to the car making trips,” Manfredi said. “Then he heard the sound of his vehicle revving, looked outside and saw it being driven away.”
Inside the car was a 9mm, semi-automatic handgun loaded with eight rounds and a San Fernando Police Department badge, Manfredi said.
Also in the car were police uniforms and firefighting equipment, El Monte police Lt. Dan Burlingham said.
El Monte officers found the stolen Honda just after midnight in the 11700 block of Hallwood Avenue when someone reported a car far, Burlingham said.
The gun, badge, uniforms and other equipment were not found.

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