Teens find $800 on La Habra street, turn it in to police

LA HABRA — In what officials described as a highly unusual service call, a young man called police Friday to report finding an envelope containing about $800 on a La Habra street.
Gerardo Marquez, 18, of La Habra said he and some friends were walking to a store in the 300 block of North Harbor Avenue when one of his friends found an envelope on the ground.
Inside, they found about $800 in cash, La Habra police Lt. Jason Forgash said.
Marquez admitted the thought of keeping the money crossed his mind.
“But we thought deeper into it,” he said. “We thought, what if belongs to a family that’s really in need?”
So Marquez called La Habra police about 10:30 p.m. to report funding the cash, Forgash said.
“We were all pleasantly shocked because it’s not something you see very often,” the lieutenant said. “It’s a nice time of the year for the rightful owner to be getting this amount of money back,” he added.
That rightful owner remained unidentified Saturday, police said.
Anyone with information about who the owner of the money might be was asked to contact the watch commander’s office at the La Habra Police Department at 562-905-9777.

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