Fontana man accused of exposing self to woman in Azusa

AZUSA — A driver was arrested Wednesday for allegedly masturbating and exposing himself to a woman who was walking her dog.
Azusa police said the man admitted to committing similar offenses in other areas. Police didn’t name the other locations and didn’t release a description of the suspect’s vehicle.
The alleged indecent exposure happened at 4:25 pm in the 800 block of East Silver Maple Drive.
Sgt. John Madaloni said a woman was walking her dog when a vehicle drove slowly by.
“The victim looked toward the driver and saw through the vehicle’s window that the driver’s pants were lowered and he was masturbating,” Madaloni said in a statement.
The man drove off. The woman called police.
A corporal responding to the call saw a vehicle leaving the area which matched the description of the suspect vehicle. The officer pulled over the driver who was later identified by the victim, Madaloni said.
Angel Enrique Martinez-Campos, 20, of Fontana was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure. He was booked at Azusa jail and released early Thursday morning after posting bond for a $35,000 bail.
He allegedly admitted to additional acts of indecent exposure and/or lewd conduct in other locations, according to police.
Madaloni said Azusa police will be contacting the other law enforcement agencies that cover those areas. He didn’t say if one of those areas was South Pasadena.
But a similar incident happened to a woman walking her dog in South Pasadena on Monday afternoon.
South Pasadena police said a man in a red Kia followed the woman, pulled up alongside her and exposed his genitals. He then drove off.

– Ruby Gonzales

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