Police: Brothers free sibling from would-be kidnapper

WHITTIER — A 12-year-old boy playing at a park was grabbed by a man but escaped when his two brothers punched the would-be kidnapper Tuesday, police said
The attempted kidnapping occurred around 7:25 p.m. at Parnell Park, 10711 Scott Ave.
Whittier Police Lt. Jay Tatman said the 12-year-old was on the swings while his 13- and 14-year-old brothers were playing basketball when a man walked behind the younger boy.
Tatman said the man put the 12-year-old in a headlock-type hold, placed his hand over the boy’s mouth and told him, “Don’t say anything.”
The boy was pulled off the swing.
Police said the child may have made a noise before the suspect covered his mouth.
The boy’s brothers came over and punched the suspect several times, according to Tatman.
The suspect took off in one direction while the siblings ran in another direction.
The would-be kidnapper ran westbound through the park toward a residential area. He was described only as Latino, unshaven and wearing white tennis shoes.
Officers searched the park for the suspect but didn’t find the man.
Police said there is no indication Tuesday’s incident is connected to the Feb. 21 kidnapping of two girls. Both girls also escaped from that suspect.

– Ruby Gonzales

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