Monrovia wildfire all but surrounded, officials begin removing hose lines from hillsides

MONROVIA — Volunteer fire cadets began the work of removing about 2 miles of fire hose from the hillsides of northern Monrovia as officials declared the Madison Fire was all but fully surrounded.
The wildfire, which was ignited by gardening work along the 300 block of Madison Avenue shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday, had consumed 125 acres and remained 95 percent contained Wednesday morning, Monrovia spokeswoman Alexis Newell said.
“We’re hoping to announce 100 by the end of the day,” Newell said.
Officials were in the “mop-up” phase of the fire, and about 30 fire cadets from the Rio Hondo Fire Academy in Whittier volunteered to pitch in my removing fire hoses left on the hillsides by firefighters as a precaution, in case they were to be needed again.
The cadets were tasked with removing about 2 miles of hose line from the steep terrain and returning them to the fire department’s which left them, Newell said.
Active fire fighting had ceased Wednesday, and officials were primarily keeping an eye on the situation to watch for flare-ups as they worked toward 100 percent containment.

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