July 4 DUI arrests up 16 percent in Los Angeles County

LOS ANGELES COUNTY — Law enforcement officers arrested 138 motorists on suspicion of intoxicated driving during the first 24-hours of a multi-agency holiday weekend crackdown Thursday, officials said.
The arrests were made by police officers, sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol officers between 12:01 a.m. Thursday and midnight, Glendora police Senior Community Service Officer and Avoid the 100 Task Force coordinator Wendy Brewer said in a written statement. Avoid the 100 is a coalition of law enforcement agencies designed to combat intoxicated driving, particularly during periods of special concern such as holiday weekends.
During the same 24-hour time period last year, the task force arrested 119 drivers on suspicion of DUI, Brewer said.
The task force plans to continue the holiday weekend DUI crackdown through Monday morning.
Another Avoid the 100 crackdown is planned for an 18-day period during August and early September.

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