Police warn of auto burglary rash in northern Monrovia

MONROVIA — Police are warning residents of a rash of auto burglaries in the north end of Monrovia in recent weeks targeting unlocked cars.
More than 20 such burglaries have been reported over the past three weeks in the communities north of Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia police Lt. Michael Lee said.
All of the cases occurred overnight, and all involved parked cars that had been left unlocked.
For that reason, Lee said it’s more important than ever that residents make sure to lock their cars when leaving them unattended, and not leave valuables in plain sight. But even an ash tray full of change can be enough to catch the attention of an opportunistic auto burglar.
None of the vehicles targeted in the recent rash were broken into by force, Lee said. “They’re not looking to make noise.”
Anyone who sees suspicious activity is asked to report it immediately to the Monrovia Police Department.

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