Telephone scam continues to target SCE customers

A telephone scam in which Southern California Edison customers are being swindled by con artists posing as utility employees continues to pose a problem, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials warned Sunday.
In the scam, residential and business customers receive phone calls from crooks claiming to represent SCE, according to a written statement issued by the utility.
“Imposters have been calling SCE customers telling them they must make immediate payment on past due bills or have their electric service disconnected,” according to the statement. “The callers are also demanding that payment be made through a prepaid cash card.”
In some cases, the victims have been asked to purchase prepaid debit cards, then turn over the numbers to the scammers.
More than 800 incidents of such calls have been reported, and more than 150 customers have lost an average of $800 to $1000 to the con, officials said.
“We ask our customers to be alert to these calls that demand immediate payment and threaten service disconnection,” SCE Consumer Affairs Manager Marlyn Denter said. “Customers suspecting a fraudulent call should ask for the caller’s name, department and business phone number. If the caller refuses to provide this information, customers should terminate the call and report the incident immediately to local police or SCE at 800-655-4555.”
SCE also reminded customers that SCE employees will never ask for money in person. Never reveal credit card, ATM or calling card numbers to anyone.
“If someone calls and requests you leave your residence at a specific time for a utility-related cause, call the police. This could be a burglary attempt set up by the caller,” according to SCE’s statement.
Be suspicious of those who show up without an appointment, and always ask to see identification of anyone claiming to be an SCE representative, officials added.

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