1984 video of fake Rockefeller surfaces in San Marino

The San Marino Historical Society found a video of the infamous 1984 “Father’s Night” production that featured a guy they knew then as Christopher Chichester singing and dancing. Here’s an exclusive sneak peak of the video that you won’t see anywhere else.
Turns out Chichester’s real identity was Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a German national who would later become Clark Rockefeller. Earlier this year Gerhartsreiter was convicted in the 1985 slaying of San Marino resident John Sohus and remains linked to the disappearance of Sohus’ wife Linda. He was recently sentenced to a life term in state prison. You can read about the case in my book “Name Dropper” or check out our extensive archive of stories on the Pasadena Star-News website.
Here’s the video:

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