Officials continue homeless outreach, enforcement efforts in Pasadena

1017_NWS_PSN-L-HOMELESS1PASADENA — Police joined city and county officials Wednesday in an operation to provide homeless living in Pasadena with services, as well as enforce laws and clear out encampments, authorities said.
The operation is part of an ongoing effort to both reach out to the homeless with offers of help, as well as enforce laws relating to quality of life, Pasadena police Lt. Tom Delgado said. Wednesday’s operation focused on the central and eastern portions of the city.
A previous operation was carried out earlier this month in the west portion of the city, he said, and another is expected to be held soon in Northwest Pasadena.
The operations consisted of, “Multiple officers, park safety specialists and city public works employees, all working together to try to outreach to these individuals that are homeless and try to convince them to use proper services,” Delgado said. When possible, Pasadena Department of Public Health officials take part in the operations, though they were unavailable Wednesday.
Officials cleared out multiple homeless encampments on a piece of land owned by Verizon along the 400 block of North Rosemead Boulevard, along with one at Meridith Avenue and Walnut Street, one at Kinneloa Avenue and Walnut Street and another at Nina Street and Sunnyslope Avenue, Delgado said.
1017_NWS_PSN-L-HOMELESS2By Wednesday afternoon, officials had given out 25 information pamphlets regarding available resources, collected 22 abandoned shopping carts, cites four people for possession of shopping carts, and removed a total of four encampments, Delgado said.
Twenty-one locations were checked for homeless activity, resulting in 18 field interviews, he said.
Four people were cited for walking into the roadway, Delgado added. Four people were arrested due to misdemeanor warrants and one person was cited for trespassing.

PHOTOS of homeless encampments dismantled Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, in the 400 block of North Rosemead Boulevard during a homeless outreach and enforcement campaign. (Courtesy of the Pasadena Police Department)

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