32 people treated, 14 of them taken to hospitals, during Rose Parade

PASADENA — Firefighters responded to 32 medical calls along the Tournament of Roses Parade route Wednesday, taking 14 people to hospitals for further treatment, officials said.
Medical issues reported along the route during the parade included strokes, fainting, heart problems, minor trauma, dizziness, falls, unconsciousness and seizures, Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said.
Considering the size of the event and the massive crowd it draws, the number of medical issues was relatively low, Derderian said.
“Fortunately, anticipating the unseasonably warm weather, band members and spectators stayed hydrated and nourished,” Derderian said.
Overnight, paramedics and firefighters handled 13 calls for service, seven of which resulted in patients being taken to hospitals. They included issues such as people injured in fights and alcohol-related illness.

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