Cab driver attacked after refusing to give man spare change in Arcadia

ARCADIA — Police are seeking a man who beat a cab driver in the head with a piece of wood after the cabbie refused to give him pocket change, officials said.
The incident unfolded shortly before 12:50 a.m. as the cab driver was parked at a gas station at Huntington Drive and 1st Avenue, Arcadia police Sgt. Dan Crowther said.
“He was approached by a suspect asking for change,” the sergeant said. “The cab driver declined. The suspect returned in a few minutes and hit the driver in the head with a piece of wood.”
Police described the weapon as a two-by-four. The cab driver, a man in his 50s, suffered a minor injury and declined to be taken to a hospital by paramedics.
The attacker was described as a Latino man, about 6 feet tall, of skinny build, wearing a black beanie, a blue jacket and a white, long-sleeve shirt.

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