70-year-old Whittier man struck by pickup truck along Lambert Road


WHITTIER >> A 70-year-old Whittier man suffered major injuries Thursday when he was struck and dragged by a pickup truck along Lambert Road, officials said.
Paramedics took the man to Los Angeles County USC-Medical Center, where he was rushed into surgery following the collision, which took place about 1:30 p.m. on Lambert Road, just south of Washington Boulevard, Whittier police Officer Bradley White said.
A Whittier man in his 60s drove a Honda Ridgline out of a Home Depot parking lot and made a right turn when his car collided with the cyclist, police said.
But the driver did not immediately realize he had struck anyone, White said. He continued driving an unknown number of yards before hearing a “grinding sound” — later found to be the dragging bicycle — emanating from beneath his truck and stopping.
The bicyclist was believed to have been dragged by the vehicle for some distance, though it was unclear how far, White said. “He has some severe trauma.”
The bicycle ended up crumpled, dozens of yards away from the driveway where the collision took place.
White said the bicyclist was traveling against the direction of traffic when struck.
Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. David Gonzalez said the cyclist was conscious when taken to the hospital. His vital signs were stable.
The injured cyclist appeared to have been heading to work along with a coworker, who was not injured in the incident, Gonzalez added.
The driver appeared distraught and “shaken up” at the collision scene, the captain said.
He told officials he initially believed he had simply struck the curb, Gonzalez added.

PHOTO by Keith Durflinger

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