UPDATED: Red Cross closes Orland shelter, establishes hotline for families affected by tour bus crash

LOS ANGELES >> The American Red Cross closed it’s Orland shelter Saturday and established a 24-hour hotline Saturday to help families affected by Thursday’s tour bus crash in Orland, which claimed 10 lives and injured more than 30 others, offiials said.
The Red Cross shelter set up in Orland to accommodate those affected by the crash closed early Saturday as it was no longer needed, Red Cross Los Angeles Region spokeswoman Terri Corigliano said. No one stayed overnight at the shelter late Friday into early Saturday.
But the relief organization’s efforts to comfort the afflicted continued.
“The American Red Cross would like to express our condolences to those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy,” Red Cross Los Angeles Region officials said in a written statement. “Our thoughts are also with those who were injured and their families.
“Beginning immediately, families affected by this tragedy can call the Red Cross hotline for assistance,” the statement said. The number is 800-540-2000.
“It doesn’t matter where you live in California,” Corigliano said. “We will help you by connecting you with the Red Cross nearest you, so we will meet you where you are.”
Red Cross caseworkers will be on-hand to meet with families needing additional mental health support, help with travel, and other expenses associated with the tragedy,” Corigliano sad. Services are available in both English and Spanish.
Mental health services appeared to be the most in-demand Saturday, Corigliano said.
“Right now, in general, I would say both in the Orland area and here, (the need) is for counseling,” she said.
“As we proceed in the coming days, we’ll be able to see what people need assistance with, so well be able too render that assistance.”
The Red Cross is working with school districts affected by the crash, as well as other community organizations, officials said.
As schools affected by the crash begin holding memorials, Corigliano said, “We will certainly be available should we be needed in any of those circumstances.

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