UPDATED: Firefighters from all over Southern California heading to San Diego to help with wildfires

As the fires grew in size and began consuming homes Wednesday afternoon, fire departments throughout the region and the state began mobilizing “strike teams” of firefighters to send south to San Diego County.
“We’re assembling a team to help,” Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said. It was not immediately clear how many firefighters would head south, however he said likely at least one strike team of five engines and a battalion chief would be sent to aid their counterparts in San Diego County. No Los Angeles Fire Department aircraft had been sent to San Diego County Wednesday afternoon, Scott said. “They haven’t been requested.”
U.S. Forest Service officials announced 42 engines, two hand crews, two helitankers and one additional firefighting aircraft were sent to help in SSan Diego County, totalling about 265 firefighters.
The Verdugo Unified Command — a coalition of a dozen partnered Los Angeles County fire-fighting agencies including Pasadena, Monrovia, Montebello, Burbank, and Glendale — also began readying a strike team to help battle the San Diego County wildfires, Verdugo Communications Center Dispatch Supervisor Christina Kazazian-Wilson said. A total of five engines, one battalion chief and one battalion chief trainee were en route Wednesday afternoon.
The Los Angeles County Fire Department was just beginning to organize a strike team to send to San Diego County Wednesday afternoon, according to fire department radio traffic.
“We are sending resources to aid with San Diego County wildfire,” LACFD officials confirmed via Twitter. Two Los Angeles County Fire Department hand crews were sent to help, along with a five-engine strike team.
Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters already had their hands full watching out for fires locally, Los Angeles County Fire Department Inspector Scott Miller said, as Los Angeles County remained under a red Flag Warning due to an increased fire danger presented by high temperatures, low humidity levels and high winds. The warning was expected to remain in effect through Thursday night.
“Right now, we’re focused on protecting the County of Los Angeles,” Miller said.
San Bernardino County Fire Department officials also confirmed that a five-engine strike team was en route to San Diego County to help.

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