Azusa police ‘ticketing’ kids for good behavior


AZUSA — Azusa police have teamed up with 7-Eleven this summer and begun issuing “tickets” to local children demonstrating good behavior, officials said.
The tickets are redeemable for free Slurpees at participating 7-Eleven stores, according to Azusa police Officer Mike Bires. The program is dubbed, “Operation Chill.”
“The Azusa Police Department, in conjunction with the 7-Eleven Corporation, are proud to recognize those kids in our neighborhood who just ‘do the right thing,’” Bires said in a written statement. “We want to encourage our future leaders in continuing to make good choices, and help foster a great relationship between our little residents and the men and women who work hard to keep them safe.
“Additionally, we want to encourage dialogue between kids and law enforcement officers in a non-threatening, non-enforcement type situation,” Bires said.
Children will receive tickets for behaviors such as following the ruled of the house, following laws, being a good citizen, helping others, participating in the community and wearing helmets while biking or skateboarding.
“If you are one of our awesome kids here in Azusa, and you’re doing the things mentioned above, just go up to one of our police officers and ask for a Slurpee ticket,” Bires said.
Kids are asked to observe a few safety rules.
Children are advised not to approach an officer who is busy on a call or speaking to someone, Bires said. Instead, police ask that kids wait until the officer finishes.
Kids were also advised not to run into the roadway to reach a police car, ask an officer to stop a patrol car while driving or otherwise create traffic hazards.

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