Animal spotted in Norwalk still unidentified, but not believed to be a lion

NORWALK >> Authorities Friday said they could not identify an animal captured on a home security camera in a Norwalk neighborhood earlier this week, though it did not appear to be a lion, as initially suspected.
A home surveillance camera mounted in the 11000 block of Tina Street caught what appeared to be a large cat on video about 3:45 a.m. Tuesday, Los Angles County sheriff’s Lt. Cynthia Sanchez said.
Deputies notified the California Department of Fish and Game were notified, she said, however the animal was not spotted in the flesh.
Residents and officials alike expressed surprise at the apparent visit of a mountain lion in the suburb, situated more than 20 miles from the Angeles National Forest.
Fish and Wildlife officials investigated the reported sighting and visited the home where the sighting occurred, agency spokeswoman Janice Mackey said.
A video of the animal that’s made it’s way around the Internet in recent days provides a misleading depiction of the unidentified creature’s size, Mackey said. Upon reviewing the original footage from the camera system and measuring the unidentified creature against objects pictured in the footage, the animal was not believed to be more than two feet tall.
But exactly what did visit Tina Street remained a mystery.
“We just can’t identify it, based on that video. We just can’t make a call on it,” Mackey said.

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