Man accused of hacking Pasadena teacher’s e-mail, sending nude photos

PASADENA >> The ex-boyfriend of a Pasadena high school science teacher is accused of hacking into the teacher’s e-mail account and distributing nude photos of the educator to hundreds of students and adults, police said Thursday.
David Antonio Galvan, 38, was booked into Los Angeles County jail Wednesday, according to Pasadena police officials and county booking records. U.S. Marshal’s officials arrested him just over a week ago in Oregon.
He’s charged with a felony count of false impersonation, a felony county of identity theft, a misdemeanor count of electronic impersonation and two misdemeanor counts of distributing obscene matter, police said.
The investigation began on July 10 when an email containing nude pictures of John Muir High School science teacher Richard Rosa sent to more than 200 students, school staff and community members, Pasadena police officials said in a written statement. Several recipients of the emails contacted police, Cmdr. John Perez said at the time.
“A criminal investigation was launched and detectives learned that Rosa was not responsible for the emails and he was out of the country at the time the emails were generated,” Pasadena police Lt. Terysa Rojas said.
“Further investigation revealed the e-mails were sent by Rosa’s estranged partner, David A. Galvan, who had unlawfully accessed Mr. Rosa’s Pasadena Unified School District e-mail account. Suspect Galvan was reportedly angry over the relationship ending when he distributed the obscene pictures.”
Police presented their case to prosecutors on July 24, officials said. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office issued a $110,000 warrant for Galvan’s arrest.
Galvan fled the state after learning he was being sought by police, Rojas said.
U.S. Marshals helped police find and arrest Galvan Oct. 21 in Hillsboro, Oregon, she said.
Galvan waived extradition proceedings and officials took him back to Los Angeles County to face charges Wednesday.
Galvan posted bail and was released from custody Thursday afternoon, booking records show. He was scheduled to appear in Pasadena Superior Court Nov. 21.

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  • EbolaJenkins

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    ….Come-on Galvan, get with the program!!!!!…