Whittier chiropractor accused of molesting patients


WHITTIER >> A Whittier chiropractor is accused of sexually assaulting two female patients who he treated at his home in recent months, police said.
Investigators arrested Steven Patrick Lowry, 31, of Whittier about 9:40 a.m.Wednesday at the Whittwood Town Center on suspicion of sexual battery, according to Whittier police officials and Los Angeles County booking records.
Police arrested Lowry as he was on his way to work, Whittier police Officer John Scoggins said.
Police declined to identify what business Lowry works at, however his online resume lists him as an employee of The Joint, a chiropractic practice within the mall.
But both of the alleged incidents of inappropriate contact took place at Lowry’s home, “where he conducted some of his business,” Whittier police said in a written statement.
The alleged crimes occurred within “recent months,” Scoggins said. The alleged victims were in their mid-20s and early-30s.
Further details regarding the allegations against Lowry were not available Wednesday.
Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact Whittier police Detective Brenna Dineen at 562-567-9283.
According to officials and county booking records, he was being held in lieu of $40,000 bail pending a scheduled arraignment hearing Friday.

PHOTO of Steven Lowry courtesy of the Whittier Police Department.

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  • Wendie Sweetwood

    Since I have been going to the Joint in the Whittwood Town Center, I have been a patient of Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry who had ALWAYS conducted himself in a professional manner, and would never once consider molesting any of his patients.
    Even though I have mental health issues, Dr. Steven Lowry has always treated me with the utmost respect, and would NEVER think of molesting anyone. I strongly believe those women are lying, and the police have rushed to judge Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry before getting all of their facts.

  • Carmelia Yancey

    I have also been a patient of Dr. Steven P Lowry for about 2-3 months. I had a terrible fall and injured my neck and lower back. I just want to put it out their that Dr. Steve Lowry@The Joint in Whittier has been by far the best doctor I come across. I can tell you that i have had some doctors whom lack integrity and forgot about the the oath they took when becoming a doctor. Never has Dr. Lowry been inappropriate in any fashion or manner. Dr. Lowry has been very professional every single time and has practiced in good faith!! I hope he clears his name. I will definitely be a Loyal patient if and when he starts practicing again. I wish you the Best of Luck. Thank you again for all of your help!!

  • Won Ton

    Im pretty sure its only the women he feels are attractive that he does whatever it is he is accused of! Carmelia and wendie, im sure you are nice females but sorry you both were not his type! Always three sides to a story… There side… the other persons side and the right side!

    • Soo Soo

      Or maybe those girl were looking for a good looking Chiropractic who’s trying to make extra box after hours?!?!

  • Wendie Sweetwood

    For nearly three months after his arrest, I have been trying to get Dr. Lowry to start working at the pitbull rescue I run out of my home by fighting the legal system.
    I strongly feel Dr. Lowry would be a definite asset to the rescue that specializes in giving people like Dr. Lowry a second chance.
    Also, I happen to pass by the residence of the alleged incidents on a regular basis throughput the day, and I have never once saw anything out of the ordinary in regards to Dr. Lowry.

    • Tigi Makgopela

      hello. i’m a friend of steve’s and i’ve been trying to contact him to offer him support and kindness. if you could somehow let him know that i care, i would be truly grateful. i’d give you my phone number but, i don’t want to post it publicly and i just signed up in attempt to reach steve and do not know how to send private messages.

      • Wendie Sweetwood

        Since I don’t really like to use facebook, you can email me at rabbitmama1972@gmail.com and we can discuss the matter further

        • Tigi Makgopela

          thank you for getting back to me. you’ll be receiving an email from efficiencylovebuddhist@gmail.com

          • Wendie Sweetwood

            I haven’t received any email from you as of this morning but I will look for it

    • Tigi Makgopela

      i sent you a message on facebook. thank you for your time.

  • Tigi Makgopela

    i attended chiropractic school with dr.lowry and we worked in several clinics together. his integrity is far above board and he is one of the most compassionate individuals that i’ve ever met. these allegations are false.

  • Jane Doe

    I know y’all have high regard for Steve and I was one of his patients too. Unfortunately I had a less comfortable experience with him when I was 18. He’s a very nice guy but kept complimenting me on my physical appearance throughout the session, proceeding to massage my neck in a semi sensual way. At the close of the appointment which was 20 minutes long, he asked me to let him know how I was feeling later and gave me his personal cell number. I texted to thank him and let him know I was feeling better and from there he not only tried to get me to his home for a massage appointment but asked if I would come to the joint on a day and time when the clinic would be closed. I’m not sure what his intentions were but I’m glad I trusted my instincts and discomfort. I know he comes off as really nice and professional however to ever take advantage of ones power in a medical practice is never professional. I hope he learns to respect women and become more accountable and responsible with how he treats others. To those who knew him: I’m sorry if you’ve found this disappointing.

    • Wendie Sweetwood

      In Dec. 2014 after severely injuring my lower back working with one of the animals from the rescue I run specializing in the rehabilitation of registered sex offenders (and no, I am not the most popular in the community), this is when I had first met with Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry who cared enough to find a way to get rid of the back pain, even though I wasn’t exactly the ideal client. During the first initial consultation with Dr.Steven Lowry, he had made every attempt to adjust my lower back as gently as possible, and not one single time did Dr. Steven Lowry ever attempt to behave in any other way than being a total professional or even bothered to act any other way than being a complete gentleman. Maybe just maybe it was because I was pretty much covered in rabbit hair mixed with dog hair among other fun things Dr. Steven Lowry was turned off.
      I happen to run a private pitbull and animal rescue that specializes in helping low risk registered sex offenders much like Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry get back onto their feet, which I was hoping to get the opportunity to help Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry get his life back on track to where he is able to conduct himself in a different manner among women. Maybe just maybe there was an incident that had occurred to cause Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry to behave so differently , or perhaps you misconstrued Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry’s intention when he did give his cell phone number .
      As a matter of fact, I was at the Whittwood Town Center when Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry was getting arrested trying to rescue a pitbull from being hit by a car, and I could actually hear the confusion in Dr. Steven Patrick Lowry’s voice as he was being lead away by the Whittier Police as he had tears in his eyes.
      Before you make any sort of fruitless accusation against Dr. Steven Lowry who is continuing to find himself struggling with his new reality, you should actually get all of the facts, and perhaps you did have a bad encounter with Dr. Steven Lowry who had always treated me with the proper respect I had deserved, this is no reason to make things up.
      if you do have any other things to add, you can private email me at wsweetwood1972@gmail.com