Photo purports to show dead cop killer Maurice Clemons

Two days after Maurice Clemons killed four Lakewood Washington police officers at a local coffee shop, Clemons was found in South Seattle.

Seattle police officers checking out a stolen car encountered Clemons and shot him to death when he approached.

Now a photo that could show the aftermath of that shooting is making its way around the Internet with the headline: “This is what happens when you decide to shoot cops.”

Needless to say the photo is pretty graphic.

The question here is should we post the crime scene photo?

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Two nabbed at Union Station, taken to Baldwin Park and robbed *

Two people were kidnapped at gunpoint from Union Station in Los Angeles and taken to Baldwin Park where they were robbed, officials said. *

Interestingly enough, even though we knew the kidnapping had taken place when we called Baldwin Park’s watch commander this a.m. he said there was nothing going on and the night was quiet.

If this is what passes for a quiet night in Baldwin Park, I’d hate to find out what a busy night is really like:

BALDWIN PARK – Two people who were kidnapped at Union Station were allegedly brought to the 3300 block of Big Dalton Road, where they were beaten and robbed, according to Sgt. Kevin Gauthier of the Baldwin Park Police Department.

Baldwin Park police responded to the overnight incident, but officials had little information this morning.


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Heat wave = crime wave?

In Baldwin Park at least.

The gunfire continued Wednesday night when a car-to-car shooting was reported near the intersection of Nubia and Bleeker streets.

*Baldwin Park police officers sometimes forget to mention these crimes when we call, but that’s why we have a scanner.

Oh, and the City Council? Well, Anthony Bejarano told me at a recent lunch meeting that the shootings, killings and other violent crimes occurring in Baldwin Park are a function of the socio-economic status of its residents…

In other words, poor people are more likely to commit crimes.

That of course doesnt’ explain Phil Spector, OJ Simpson or the Kennedy and Skakel families …

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Crazy night in Bolen

Two guys used a handgun to rob a Pizza delivery man, One neighbor bashed another neighbor’s head with a baseball bat, and a teen was stabbed in a parking lot. We’re working on putting the details together.

It all happened in Baldwin Park late Friday and early Saturday …. we’ll have it all rounded up in Sunday’s paper.

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Shirtless and sweaty school board member arrested


Police arrested Baldwin Park School Board member Sergio Corona this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence and felony vandalism. He was apparently breaking windows at a home in the 13900 block of Standstone Street in Baldwin Park.

Police said when they pulled Corona over, he confronted them “shirtless and sweaty” and had to be Tased.


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From the mail bag

Got this note via email. We do have some updated information on Friday’s incident, but as for Saturday, we’re still checking. Here’s the note:

Hi Frank, any news on the two shootings in Baldwin Park last Thursday and Friday? (March 20th and 21st). Both happened on Barnes ave. I believe the Friday evening shooting was an attempted robbery . Two teens were injured. I been living here all my life and this is the worst gang activity I have ever heard of.

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Morning roundup top ten

So I’m making cop calls this a.m. and there’s some interesting stuff out there, but nothing earth shattering. It seemed like just typical stuff. Countfeiter in Glendora, guy dies from injuries suffered last week, takeover robbery in West Covina.
Anyway, cops have this interesting way of apologizing for slow days. The range of apologies fascinates me.
Here’s a top ten list of sorts: (hats off to AP and TR)
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Is this newsworthy? I think so

Listening to the scanner this a.m there appeared to be a proliferation of burglary calls in Diamond Bar. So, I called the local sheriff’s station asking about them. I was able to put together a short story about five possible burglaries. No clue as yet if they are related.
What was interesting about the whole process through was a sheriff’s sergeant asking me why this story was newsworthy. Isn’t it? Don’t you care if businesses along a main street are getting ripped off over the weekend? Won’t the business owners and their friends be talking about this today and tomorrow?
More importantly, there may be a sophisticated group of theives roaming the area, perhaps getting the information out will prompt law enforcement agencies to compare notes and catch the guys.

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