Cutting and pasting from the overnight notes

PASADENA — Officials had to treat about 800 people who were watching college football at the Rose Bowl on Saturday for heat-related illnesses, authorities said.


COVINA — A woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase while drunk, then trying to ram patrol cars, authorities said.

WEST COVINA — A parolee-at-large was arrested Saturday after allegedly leading police on a chase and then eating methamphetamine in an apparent attempt to get rid of evidence, authorities said.

LA PUENTE — Two men escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash Saturday after robbing an El Pollo Loco restaurant, authorities said.



A Pico Rivera father was killed by a hit-and-run driver Saturday night after watching a high school football game at his alma mater.

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Back in the saddle again

Vacation is over. So is the Detroit Lions’ season.

Looks like there was a mess of crime stories during the hiatus.

Most notable:

  • The doctor who is a suspected molester.
  • Another postponement in the case of Man-ling Williams, accused of killing her husband and two sons.
  • Olympian Kim Rhode’s shotgun being stolen in Lake Smell-some-more.
  • An elderly couple killed looking at the full moon.
  • The death of a Glendora man slain after a fight at his home.
  • More Clark Rockefeller news.



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A fishy story

A pair of New York teenagers used a relatively simple and accessible DNA analysis to check sushi samples at Manhattan restaurants. Their findings were pretty interesting. Amateur sleuths take note of this snippet from the New York Times:


In a tale of teenagers, sushi and science, Kate Stoeckle and Louisa Strauss, who graduated this year from the Trinity School in Manhattan, took on a freelance science project in which they checked 60 samples of seafood using a simplified genetic fingerprinting technique to see whether the fish New Yorkers buy is what they think they are getting.

They found that one-fourth of the fish samples with identifiable DNA were mislabeled. A piece of sushi sold as the luxury treat white tuna turned out to be Mozambique tilapia, a much cheaper fish that is often raised by farming. Roe supposedly from flying fish was actually from smelt. Seven of nine samples that were called red snapper were mislabeled, and they turned out to be anything from Atlantic cod to Acadian redfish, an endangered species.

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Cutting and pasting from the overnight notes

Here’s the round-up. Perhaps the most fascinating story of the day is the deaf-mute who went into the hospital with a bullet in his head but can’t explain how it got there. I have some questions about the second story because it says fre danger in the Angeles National Forest is High, but a look at the ANF website indicates fire danger is moderate.

Here’s the list:

Whit: WHITTIER — A man who cannot hear or speak arrived at a local hospital Monday with a gunshot wound to his head, however it was not immediately clear how he was shot, authorities said.

Pas/Trib: ARCADIA (CNS)– The fire danger in the Angeles National Forest will be raised from “high” to “very high” on Wednesday as summer temperatures continue drying out vegetation and increasing numbers of visitors arrive.

Pas/Trib: ALHAMBRA — Officials have released the name of a 23-year-old Los Angeles woman killed Saturday in a hit-and-run crash.

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From the overnight notes


ALTADENA — Authorities expect to file murder charges against a 50-year-old man in connection with the death of his 19-year-old live-in girlfriend Saturday, officials said. (story/online)

PASADENA — Three men were shot and wounded in three separate shootings between Saturday night and Sunday morning, police said. (brief/online)


AZUSA – A man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing another man late Saturday during a fight in the parking lot of a restaurant, authorities said. (brief/online)

AZUSA — Three suspected gang members were arrested early Sunday after an alleged drive-by shooting on a home, officials said. (brief/online)

EL MONTE – A suspected drunken driver was arrested in El Monte late Saturday after allegedly striking a pedestrian in Pomona and fleeing the scene, authorities said. (online only, no space in regbriefs)



no briefs

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From the overnights

WHITTIER — A teenage girl was attacked and robbed of her cell phone Wednesday while standing in front of La Serna High School, police said.

POMONA — The trial is to begin Monday for a man suspected of killing his mother and her companion in their Glendora home during a robbery, officials said.

POMONA — Two men accused of fatally shooting a Valinda man who tried to stop them from tagging in his neighborhood entered not guilty pleas Tuesday, officials said.

WEST COVINA — Two restaurants at the Eastland Shopping Center were evacuated Thursday after underground electrical equipment exploded, officials said.

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From overnight

This is what we will be following:

SAN GABRIEL — Two suspected burglars were arrested Thursday after allegedly breaking into a home, authorities said.

EL MONTE — Police following the trail of two allegedly stolen big rigs Thursday discovered a warehouse packed with allegedly stolen goods, officials said.

HACIENDA HEIGHTS — The investigation continued Thursday into a series of crashes that left an 18-year- old man and an off-duty police lieutenant dead, authorities said.

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Busy Mother’s Day weekend

In Crime News:

Robbers kill a man in Azusa.

Attackers target suspected El Monte Flores gang members at a home in South El Monte

Big Rig tip snarls traffic.

Brush fire burns in West Covina

Gang members get 90 to life for killing teen

In The Blogs:

Monrovia residents asked to be on the lookout for squatters.

RCJ Parry waits alone for Bad Boy

Jamiel Shaw possibly linked to Rollin 20s

MTV wants a blogger of their own.

LAist asks questions about judges.

Unregistered gun at airport lands actor in pokey

Among other things, Aaron Proctor interviews Queen Mickie


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Tuesday fish wrap

There’s a lot of action on the crime beat today. Here’s some examples:

Teen to be arraigned in Columbine-style threats posted on Wikipedia.

An El Monte man was stabbed to death outside a Garvey Avenue bar.

A decomposed body was found late Monday off San Gabriel Canyon Road between Azusa and Glendora. (not many details on this yet)

And, there’s this video of an ATM robbery in Norwalk:



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Forfait journalier de poisson

Interesting article in CityBeat by Alan Mittelstaedt where he digs into Sheriff Lee Baca and DA Steve Cooley for falling down on two newsworthy investigations. An excerpt:

In the D.A. mans case, he never intends to touch wayward pedophile protector Cardinal Roger Mahony, but dont expect him to tell the public hes closing the books after spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars paging through the diaries and papers of the Jackass in the Red Robe, whod be hell-bound if one existed.

And the loony sheriff, whos snowed some of the top human-rights watchers in this city with his often empty New Agey rhetoric during his too-long three terms in office, refuses to stop looking for the person who leaked the Mel Gibson arrest report way back during the summer of 2006.

In “Shine a Light” the Stones team with Scorsese for an IMAX extravaganza that’s gotten mixed reviews. (I’m still going to find a way to see it). This from the Chicago Tribune:

As in “The Last Waltz,” Scorsese interjects himself into the proceedings just enough to make it interesting. In the prologue we see the Stones jetting around from city to city–here’s Jagger mulling a Beacon set list on his plane, there’s Scorsese back in New York, freaking out about not having the set list yet. We’re meant to think the whole affair, billed as a benefit for the Clinton Foundation (we see Bill and Hillary meeting and greeting the boys before the show), came together by the seat of its pants. These early scenes are shown in a reduced image on the IMAX screen; then, when the concert begins and Jagger hits the stage for “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” boom, we get the full-screen IMAXimus impact.

Finally, another group of cops wants a pay raise. This time its in Covina, where there are budget woes a plenty. This from Amanda Baumfeld’s story:

“The city does not and has not taken care of its employees,” said PAC President Rob Bobkiewicz at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “Employee morale is at an all-time low.”

Thanks to Aaron Proctor for the fun interview he’s posted at his website. I loved the questions (including the last one).




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