Families of homicide victims to gather this weekend in Whittier

The Justice for Homicide Victims advocacy group is planning to host it’s 30th annual gathering Sunday at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, bringing together hundreds of people to honor the memories of slain loved ones and discuss the state of victims’ rights.
Justice for Homicide Victims 30th Memorial Foundation Event will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. inside Gate 19 of the Rose Hills, 3888 Workman Mill Road, organizers said.
Keynote speakers are to include San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos, as well as actor, director and producer Griffin Dunne, who is the son of JHV founder Ellen Griffin Dunne.
Honored guests will also include victim’s rights advocate Marcella Nicholas. Marsy’s Law, also known as the California Victim’s Bill of Rights, is named for her daughter, who was slain in 1983 at age 21.
The candidates for Los Angeles County Sheriff have been invited to speak, and several candidates for Los Angeles County Superior Court judge were scheduled to address the group, JHV Board Member Jeanette Chavez said.
Chavez, who lost her 16-year-old daughter Sammantha Salas to a shooting in 2008, said Sunday would be a good time for families affected by homicide who have not yet become involved with a support group to visit with others in similar situations.
In addition to JHV, “We’ll have other organizations there that will be able to help them in the area,” Chavez said.
And meeting with other families also dealing with the violent loss of a loved one can be a therapeutic process, she said.
“I remember when the detective told me about Parents of Murdered Children,” she said. “I started going to their sessions. And you know what, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve heard other mothers in my position. They understood the pain I was going through, losing a child.”
And JHV, in conjunction with the group Justice for Murdered Children, planned to announce a new, monthly grief counseling program at Sunday’s event, Chavez said.
“You will be able to send a message on a balloon to your loved one, doves will be released and songs will be sung,” organizers said in written statement. “Pictures of over 250 homicide victims will be displayed. Please feel free to being a picture to share.”
To RSVP or for more information, email Jane at JHVinfo@gmail.com. Information is also available on JHV’s website at www.justiceforhomicidevictims.net.

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A rally for Marsy’s Law

Jan Williams, whose son and grandsons were killed last August at their home in Rowland Heights, will be participating in a rally supporting Marcy’s Law, described as a bill of rights for victims of violent crimes. The press conference will take place outside the condo where Neal, Devon and Ian were slain. Here’s the top of the press release:

As children prepare to go house to house “trick or treating” on Halloween Friday, a Los Angeles man will be traveling across Los Angeles and Orange County from murder scene to murder scene. He will not be gathering candy, but stories of murder. The man is a local criminal prosecutor who worked with Broadcom billionaire Henry Nicholas to give victims rights by co-writing Prop 9, the “Victims Bill of Rights”. The prosecutor, a local Deputy District Attorney, “Marsy’s Law” in memory of Nicholas’s murdered sister, is on the November 4, 2008 ballot.

Press Conferences/ “Yes on Prop. 9″ Tour of Murder Scenes (Oct. 29, 30, 31)
Over the three day period there will be a series of press conferences featuring the prosecutor who wrote Marsy’s law and the victims stories that inspired the changes in the law. Family members of murdered victims will tell not only the story of the murder, but the story of how they were re-victimized by the criminal justice system. The pilgrimage will begin on Wednesday October 29, 2008 in Malibu at the scene of 20 year old Marsy’s brutal shotgun murder and end in Orange County, with victims right leaders who inspired the writing of Prop 9.

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Reward doubled in Altadena homicide

The Board of Supervisors doubled the $10,00 reward being offered for information in the slaying of a 90-year-old Altadena woman. This comes from one of our wire services:

The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction was originally posted a
few days after the body of Evelyn Mosely was found on May 8 in her home, which had
been deliberately set on fire.

Firefighters who quickly extinguished the blaze at 3225 Lincoln Ave. discovered her
body in the kitchen, and investigators found signs of a struggle.

A housekeeper was booked on suspicion of murder hours later but was quickly exonerated and set free.

Anyone with information about Mosely’s death was asked to call sheriff’s homicide Lt.
Liam Gallagher at (323) 890-5500.

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Azusa 13 member gunned down

Although we initially reported the unidentified man who was killed in this incident was from an unidentified street gang, officials now say the dead man was a member of the Azusa 13 Gang.

From Brian Day’s story:

AZUSA – A man was shot to death early Sunday in a gang-related attack, authorities said.

The shooting occurred about 1:15 a.m. in an alley in the 100 block of Newburgh Street, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Rick Pedroza.

The dead man was initially described only as a 23-year-old Azusa resident pending notification of family members, said Los Angeles County

Department of Coroner Investigator Jerry McKibben.

He is believed to have been a member of a local street gang, Deputy Derrick Thompson said.

The man died at the scene after being shot several times in the “upper torso,” said Deputy Derrick Thompson.


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Father and son laid to rest

Twelve-year-old Albert Garcia and his father Juan were buried in Riverside Monday at a private ceremony.

Montebello police continue to badger the family about talking to the media, while they are apparently making little progress in their investigation. I received this note from a family member regarding police pressure in the case:

The cops told (the family) to not talk to the press because we were going to ruin the case.

I wonder if this is the sort police communication with citizens that Montebello’s new city council approves of?



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“Some juicy details”

This comes from reporter Amanda Baumfeld:

Didn’t know if you’d like to post some juicy details about the El Monte barricade but it got kinda crazy.

So Watchara had the brilliant idea of having us walk around to a side street. We got a front seat view of everything. It broke down like a movie. As were walking towards the house we heard the SWAT team get on a loud speaker, “This is the U.S. Marshall and El Monte Police Department. We know you’re in there. Come out with your hands up.”

Then all of a sudden we see them just bust out the front windows and then pop two things of tear gas in the home. But the noise was so loud it definitely sounded like gunshots. A group of people claiming to be related to German Palacios, a person of interest in the April 12th murder of Jack Edward Hicks, stood right by us crying and waiting to see what was happening.

One more shot of tear gas before officers emerged from the home with Palacios in custody.

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Fashion expert gunned down

This comes from reporter Amanda Baumfeld. It’s the details of a shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon in South El Monte:

SOUTH EL MONTE – Detectives are searching for a suspect who gunned down and killed a businessman in his office Wednesday, officials said.

Lam Michael, 39, was shot several times when a male suspect walked into his office at Fashion Icon Inc., a garment business at 2459 Merced Ave., said Lt. David Coleman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The shooting occurred around 2:30 p.m. and Michael was pronounced dead at the scene about 20 minutes later, officials said.

“We don’t know the cause or reason for the shooting,” said Coleman. “It could be a myriad of reasons.”

The suspect is described as an Asian male, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, between the age of 20 and 25, according to Coleman. Police believe he ran from the scene.

There were about 20 workers inside Fashion Icon at the time of the killing, Coleman said. No one else was injured.

Repeated calls to the business for comment went unanswered Thursday.

It does not appear to be a gang-related shooting, Coleman said.

“He was just a businessman who was shot,” Coleman said. “It is probably safe to assume it was related to some specific incident.”

Some evidence has been recovered from the scene, as well as surveillance video, Coleman said.

It was business as usual Thursday afternoon on Merced Avenue where the garment manufacturer is among a variety of companies. The only remnant of a crime scene was tattered yellow police tape behind.

Many workers at surrounding businesses were unaware of the crime.

Oscar Serrano, owner of Art & Design Installations Inc. located down the block, said he heard there was shooting but knew no details.

“It’s not a good neighborhood but it’s not a real bad neighborhood,” Serrano said. “It’s strange that the shooting happened during the day, you normally hear about them at night.”

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Update in Rowland Heights triple homicide

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed Tuesday to postpone a preliminary hearing for a woman accused of killing her husband and two children.

The move is one of several delays in the case since Man-ling Williams was arrested in connection with slaying of her husband Neal and children Ian and Devon. 

This small note comes from Jan WIlliams, mother of Neal grandmother of Ian and Devon. Jan attends each hearing in the case and reports to Crime Scene readers on the state of the case:

At a hearing today it was determined that they need to set another date in order to set a date for the preliminary.  Next check in hearing date is June 26.  Jan

My comment: Sounds like something from the court of the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.

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