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This is something we’re trying on the web. The plan is to stream live video from the Town Hall meeting tomorrow. We’ll be using this more and more as another way to deliver news and sports.

UPDATE 5:55 p.m. 02/01/08

We will not be broadcasting live from the event, apparently it is not conducive to that sort of coverage. We will be on hand with video and plan to post it as soon as it is processed.


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The Real KFI

If you spend anytime on the road switching radio channels in LA, you’ve probably listened to KFI, which brodcasts from a tower in La Mirada. I’ve listened to the station since at least 1988, and remember the days of Tom Leykis, Joe Crummey,  Phil Hendrie and the attempted Political Human Sacrifice of U.S. Rep. David Dreier, R-San Dimas..

When Hendrie was replaced with John Ziegler I wasn’t going to listen, but I did — and liked what I heard.

Well if you don’t know it by now, let me break the news — Ziegler is gone. Apparently a pretty nasty divorce.

Zig has put up a page that tells his side of the story.

Here’s the intro:

This website is dedicated to telling the totally true story of John Ziegler’s experience at KFI in Los Angeles. John realizes that the creation of this website probably ends any chance that he will ever again hit the highest levels of talk radio and may very well end his talk radio career totally. But he is at peace with that potential consequence because he feels there are certain truths that are worth the risk to tell, especially when you are really the only person in the world in a position to do so.

This website is devoted to one of those truths. Specifically, that the talk radio industry (and particularly KFI) is dominated by freaks, fakes, frauds and phonies who tend to make crack whores seem respectable and reputable by comparison ….

There’s plenty more packed into a dense four-page read….

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Overlooked but not forgotten

Fred Ortega mixes the smell of fresh baked breads and the sounds of illegal slot machines in the Foothill Cities with his piece on slot machines that ran over the weekend.
BTW, Fred took the photo in this entry with his very own phone. …doesn’t look like he had a winner in those reels though.
Tania Chatila answers the age old question “What is the sound of one car crashing?” Cacophony! especially when it crashes into a West Covina piano store.

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Reporter mistakes reporter for source

Channel Seven reporter Leo Stallworth mistakenly thought our Dan Abendschein showed up in Diamond Bar as a spectator not a reporter and attempted an interview, Dan said.
Fortunately, Dan set the record straight and Stallworth moved on.
Good thing for us he did, apparently the Channel Seven guy missed a few decent opportunities early Wedneaday to interview real neighbors and spectators on Laurel Rim Drive, but kept leaving the scene just before folks arrived.

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Meat Cleaver Murder

The murder of Sev’n Molina by a self-employed cab driver prompted a weird report on Channel 7 Tuesday. The anchor on the 5 p.m. news began reading from a prompter somewhere while a large graphic of a meat cleaver dangled just to his left on screen.
How sick is that?

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local police blotters

The Highlanders, our group of weekly newspapers has begun posting police blotters on line. For the most part they are pretty much skeletal outlines of police calls, mostly about a week old. There are some nuggets though.
From the Azusa Herald There’s this item: Monday, July 9 5:48 a.m.; contempt of court; 200 block South Azusa Avenue. Don’t know what court is on the 200 block of South Azusa Avenue, but if you are in contempt of it at 5:48 a.m. , you must be doing something seriously wrong.
Unfortunately the best stuff we’re publishing these days (as far as crime blotters go) is printed in “The Weekly Star’, which is a dinosaur and has no online edition.

Continue reading “local police blotters” »

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Liberal media…

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity waste a lot of breath cracking on the liberal media. Sometimes they have a point.

At a press conference this morning at the Sheriff’s Headquarters in Monterey Park, I overheard a couple of cameramen for local stations talking about presidential politics with a recognizable reporter from a network affiliate.

One cameraman was talking about a “great article in Harper’s on John Edwards.” The other cameraman was bragging about borrowing a friend’s car and switching all the radio presets to Air America.

Funniest part was the reporter who thought Harper’s was Harper’s Bazaar.

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